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About Sunshine Lyme

Hello! I'm Mrs. Peej.


Why Mrs. Peej?

Well, my name is really Patty Jo, but many of the people in my life have called me PJ, and that just morphed into Peej, and I'm married, so there it is! 😄


Why Sunshine Lyme? 

I credit this name to my daughter, Alyssa. Deciding on what to call your  business is not always apparent, but I knew that I wanted a business that could be a source of happiness and smiles, especially after 2020 (we all know what I am talking about here). Alyssa has always been my sunshine, and You Are My Sunshine was often sung together while she was growing up. Lyme is simply the beautiful little town where I live. Putting those two together, she came up with Sunshine Lyme, spread the seeds of happiness. My son, Drew, is my go-to person for anything I need designed, as this is his specialty. Even if he pretty much does what I ask, he ultimately is the designer, and I am grateful for him. Also, he makes me laugh😄 (See pictures below). 



But WHY Sunshine Lyme?

I love to laugh and smile, and giving gifts that bring a giggle is so much fun! I get my silly sarcasm from my Dad, who, for many years, has literally sent out a corny dad joke in a daily email to all of his friends and family! He has even given himself the name Mr. Chuckles!


So, Sunshine Lyme will continually provide you quality products that will light up your face and make you laugh😄 !  You will think of that person in your life who you just know would love it as much as you do, and you will just have to get it for them! Doing so is what spreads the seeds of happiness!


One more thing...and it's important to me

Smiles. I don't take them for granted.  And there are children out there who have been born with a cleft lip and/or palate. Globally, 1 in 700 babies are born with one...one every 3 minutes. This can cause problems with their eating, breathing, hearing, speaking, and self esteem. I will be donating a portion of Sunshine Lyme's sales to Smile Train, the largest Cleft-focused non-governmental organization. $250 is all that is needed to cover the cost of one cleft surgery. Giving even one child a smile is so important and exciting!! I just know together we can make a beautiful difference! 

To find out more about what cleft palate is and about Smile Train, please visit: https://www.smiletrain.org/ 


Sunshine Lyme™ is now a proud partner with SmileTrain!